How To Protect Your Portfolio From a Crash

5 Simple Steps To Be A Consistent, Profitable Trader Bullish or Bearish

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Author of “Why You Could Be Destined To Fail In Trading and How You Can Avoid It!“, Reynaldo Soriano is a professional full time trader for the past 20 years and has been educating traders for the past 14 years. He inspires traders to greatness and helps them achieve success to make money consistently through the holistic approach of mental conditioning, body conditioning, and technical conditioning to develop meticulousness, discipline, integrity, and excellence.


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"Why You Could Be Destined to Fail in Trading and How You can Avoid it"

If you want to understand what type of trader you are, this book will help you do that. It will also give you the necessary steps in order to shift the way you think in order for you to mentally trade the markets in any condition. This book will give you the mental edge you need in order to successfully execute your trading plan and to remove the hesitation and indecision that all too many traders experience. It's well written, easy to understand and I highly recommended it to anyone whether you're a beginner or have been trading for years. I definitely learned a lot and it has been one of my best decisions to purchase it.

- Nathan M

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